Plaid paddler

Are you doing the 90 miler this year?

Yes I will be there in a C4 in Open Touring. I have 2 rookies named Alex. Alex Tahou was promoted from over 10 years on our pit crew as a paddler and AJ Gellert will be the young stud amongst our over 60 Old Farts. I just got back from a road trip out west to peddle bikes across Idaho with my two younger sisters. great sibling trip, but it took a lot of training time off the summer. See you folks in Old Forge. Bill

Great. Thanks for the reply. I will definitely try to meet you this year. Thanks for sharing all of your experienced knowledge!

You are welcome. Its part of being in the 90 Miler Family. As Brian says every morning at the Paddlers Meeting, “We are all in this together!” I don’t care as much about finishing first, but having everybody finish safely and with a smile of accomplishment. Bill