Plane Canoe transport

My brother n law and I are looking for a lightweight canoe, maybe carbon fiber. that we can attach to the bottom of his plane. He has a sesna 182 ( i might be off on the #)

Is there a company that manufactures thies or do i have to build one. If so has anyone ever seen something like this?

Advise column
This might get better response on the advise column. I have seen very light canoes made from kevlar and carbon. I have seen canoes attached to an aircraft but I do not know how it is done.

Canoe on airplane
The only setups I have seen were all on floatplanes…strapped to the float struts. Never saw a canoe on the outside of a plane without floats.

I’d love to see the exhuast all …

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...... over it when they land .

I'd bet a dime to a dollar that the rigging method has to be cleared and certified by the FAA before legal flight ... any mod to any certified airplane has to be . It would probably fall under a TSO autherization . Besides that , if his brother in-law really owned a C182 and was serious about doing this , he would ask his A&P what proceedures that are req. to do this type of thing .

Canoes falling out of the sky are not allowed , lol .

Flying Canoes
You have a valid point Pilotwings. However, from what I know about real bushpilots is they don’t worry themselves so much about the legalities and how the FAA says to do it. They worry more about “how much does it weigh” and what effect will it have on the flying characteristics of the plane. Of course there aren’t too many ways a canoe can be safely attached to the outside of a small plane and assure it’s safe arrival at the destination.