Planning a kayak trip

Hi, I am from Indiana and I am looking for a good river to plan a 5 day or so trip on. Kayaking, fishing, and camping. Any suggestions for a self-guided river for a five day trip? Anywhere 10-15 hours driving distance from Indiana is okay. Any recommendations is a pre aired. Thanks!

I am new to kayaking but i have friends that have done the allegheny river in Pittsburgh and i know they camp out and fish along the way. I don’t know the specifics but i do know you could make it anywhere from a day trip to at least 5 days depending how long you wanna go. I’m sure if you search kayak trip allegheny river plenty of info will pop up. Also i think the drive from Indiana to Pittsburgh is only around 5-6 hours.

AuSable River
Check out the AuSable River from Grayling to Oscoda, Michigan. It does get busy in the summer, but it is a beautiful river. Note that there are several portages around hydroelectric dams, however.

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Also in Michigan
are the Manistee, the Muskegeon, and the Pere Marquette. Depending on where you start and how far you paddle each day you can avoid portages on these. Pick up a copy of Dennis & Dates ‘Canoeing Michigan’s Rivers’ for more information.

greenbrier in wv
had recent flooding and is typically better in may and june than later in summer but this year might be the exception- a nice stream with plenty of smallmouth

Michigan is your best bet. Many to chose from. The AuSable River is wonderful.

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