Planning a Wabakimi Trip: Friends of Wabakimi Webinar

Our Friends of Wabakimi Webinar series continues:

Sunday, January 31st, 7 p.m CST, 8 p.m. EST

“Planning a Wabakimi Trip”

Mary Jean Blaisdell (FOW Board member) presenting

(Zoom link and phone-info at www…

Wabakimi is a wilderness land of opportunity for paddling adventures. But it may be a little more “into the wild” than you’ve planned before. Planning a trip into Wabakimi Provincial Park could be overwhelming but with great information and resources and the gear needed, you can enjoy the wilderness trip of a lifetime! “MJ” will provide you with a starting point for designing your trip!

*Accessing Wabakimi: Plane, car, train

*Where to go: maps available, where to start, resources available

*Safety, Communication & Comfort

*What to take - gear


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