Planning canoe trips

It is snowing outside my window this Sunday evening hopefully the 6-10" expected snowfall will melt soon. I am looking forward to the following trips.

ADK sponsored trip up the Oswegatchie River with a possible hike to Cat Mtn Apr 27-29

A bushwhack canoe overnight trip down the upper Kunjamuk River in May 19-20.

An overnight trip down the Tioughnioga River in early June.

An overnight trip up the Spy Lake outlet to Spy Lake.

The General Clinton Grand Prix Relay Race on May 27. A slideshow is available depicting our 2005 race team.

A multi-day, multi-portage Lows Lake-Oswegatchie River-Cranberry Lake-Lows Lake Loop the last week of July.

A Cranberry Lake or Susquehanna River fishing trip with Len or my brother.

A ~6 day Spanish River, Ontario trip August 11-19. View a slideshow of our 2003 trip.

How’s your schedule look?

Tioghnioga info?
Jim, do you have any info about campsites/ access on the Tioughnioga? I’ve fished it wading but am really interested in a paddling trip on that river. Any/all info welcome. Feel free to email if you’d rather.

I’m looking at lots of day paddling/fishing in and around the Finger Lakes. Also…

a few days to a week in St. Regis area

a river trip around here somewhere

a few days on Cranberry Lake

a few days on Middle Saranac

something south of here combined with a road trip

Tioughnioga River Map
They have a web site promoting their river trail at

There is a map at

The crew from this canoe club paddle it quite frequently through out the year

You might also ask one of their trip coordinators for some information.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.