Planning for a big trip on the Delaware

I want to take my daughter for a canoe trip down the Delaware river in mid-June. Probably from the PA-NY border to Trenton NJ. I was wonder how I should plan this out. I don’t who to contact for camping (probably camping in PA), what gear is needed amount of supplies and time table (I’m shooting for 7 days). I read postings from people that seem to be able to do this in their sleep and I hope it is not as large a task as it seems. Any advice will be appriciated

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I used to live in the Yardley Area about 13 years ago, that is near where you want your trip to end and have paddled on spots on the Delaware within about 30 miles and other spots further north. There are not a lot of places to camp in that part of Pennsylvania, especially not along the river. There is a book that is probably out of print now call Canoeing the Delaware by Letcher, I used it a lot and it was a good river guide. Hopefully people that lived in the area can help you out. Also not sure how old your daughter is but there is a Wing Dam near New Hope and a minor rapid that many people have drowned in, also some dangerous strange cement structures and steel eel traps in the river near were US 95 crosses the river.

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Sounds like a great trip! There are plenty of clubs and outfitters throughout the area Try a google search or start here:$first


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Go on the Board (it is pretty much a kayaking club) and ask. You’ll get some suggestions and advice. Eric and Mike S. know the Delaware pretty well and they are familiar with camping enroute.

Delaware River
I would recommend you get either Keystone Canoeing or Garden State Canoeing by Ed Gertler. They both cover the river pretty well. On the Jersey side are more camping possibilites. Worthington State Forest below the Water Gap, Bull island near Lumberton both have waterfront access. Most people end their trip at Lambertville, The wing dam there ( mentioned above ) is dangerous. There is an island right below Easton that has a nice campsite ( free ), And a small island at Eriwwna That you can camp on (free). If you end at Lambertville it is an easy trip , be careful below there also at Scudders Falls ( rt. 95 ) , stay in the center there and also stay in the center of the wing dam at Lumberville ( Bull Island ). Have fun, Dave


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You can always portage at Lambertville (100 yds, to the D & R Canal and either continue down the Canal which parallels the River or portage back over. We did this two weeks ago with a group of twelve going up the Canal from Washington's Crossing north to just below the area of the Lambertville wing dam and then back down the Delaware River.

Delaware water gap national park
Much of the stretch you want to run is in the national park.

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I took my daughter last summer to NC to mine for gems. I’m trying to do lots of fun things with her. As an adult (but kid at heart).I still can’t remember one thing my Dad purchased for me I still remember the things we did together.

I live a few miles from the river and

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paddle it almost all year. This it the quintessential "Recreational River". Earlier in the year rather than later is a good idea because you need a minimum of 3 feet to make it an easy paddle. There's some nice class II but nothing too difficult when it's running 600 CFS or below. There are numerous public put ins along the 74 miles of unrestricted river. The most exciting part is from Skinners Falls to below Barryville. We had two, Hundred Year floods in 05 so double check any campsite bookings before depending on them. For this reason the references in Keystone Rivers can't be depended upon. Also, there are only a few but, check the put ins for PA Fish and Game requirements. Almost all of the land in the river corridor is privately owned but public access is provided about every five miles.

The two major outfitters are Landers and Kittinney. Both have websites. They don't allow paddlers to use their sites unless they book with them.

The National River Safety Patrol conducts a weekend rescue class near Barryville, NY, usually the last week in April.

Detailed river maps are available from Delaware River Basin Commission for $10.00.