Plano waterproof lure boxes

Was in Gander Mountain the other day and noticed that Plano is selling waterproof lure boxes. Compared to the cost of a Pelican dry box, it looks like a cheap alternative. The boxes have a gasket…similar to an O-ring gasket. The boxes come in at least three sizes. Besides tackle, the larger two boxes could be good for cell phone, wallet, and other items you don’t wet. Has anyone tried the boxes yet? Oh, they run less than $7 for the large one.

I really like the idea of a waterproof

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... tackle box. I often combine WW canoeing with fishing. Here's another inexpensive gasketed box. I use one for my first aid kit. I can't really say how waterproof it is under pressure. Mine gets overpacked in a drybag with other "don't leave home without'ems".

Like the idea, don’t like the execution.
I have two, they were gifts from my box-happy brother. They do keep things very dry, so they work as designed. However, my Plano boxes have three locking cams, and it always seems like one or two are in the way of the lid when I try to close them. I think two cams should have been plenty, and easier to manager with two hands. They also come with separate compartment dividers, but the dividers tend to slip out and jump around.

So, for me, $7 isn’t worth it. If I have to keep it watertight, I’ll just put it in a waterproof bag.

Not as good an idea as it seems…
Fishing out of a canoe, your tackle boxes do get water in them. So it seems like a waterproof box would be a great thing. BUT, here’s the problem. If you put a wet lure, especially one with hair, feathers, skirts, etc. back in a waterproof box, it never dries out, and instead it rusts worse than it would if it was in a regular box. At least, in a regular box, there’s a good chance it will dry out before it rusts too bad. Unless you’re anal about opening up all your boxes and letting everything dry out after EVERY trip, you might not be happy with the results of using a waterproof box.

I really don’t like them for lures,
hooks and terminal tackle. And, the three cams do seem excessive. The Plano boxes also look a bit more difficult to open if you need to get to a cell phone in a hurry. I think the work best as Clarion said for a first aid kit, maybe matches if you want to set a jet ski on fire, wallet and keys, that kind of stuff. I’ve got two Pelican boxes that do a good job, but the small one cost me $15. The regular old double and single latch Plano tackle boxes work quite well.

Waterproof boxes fall into
the same category as “waterproof” matches. Ain’t really no such animal. (In the cheap fishing lure/bait box category anyway) You dunk these boxes and they WILL get water into them. They don’t completely seal up after a few months of use. Rubber deteriates under UV light (ask a neoprene wet suit owner) They are more ment to keep them from sinking if you happen to drop them overboard and keeping the insides dry during a rain storm. Don’t depend on them to keep everything dry forever. You want truely waterproof storage, go with NRS or some other high quality box.