Plans for a 3x27 proboat?

I have checked all the usual sources for plans and have come up with zip for plans to a 3x27 proboat(Michigan racer?). I was wondering if any one knows of a good source? I am starting to think that Strings swampgirl is th e last southern homebuilt…


in North Carolina

just a thought
Green Valley and John Winters are getting ready to launch a new custom design service. I think a custom set of plans is only something like $150, although they send them to you on cd or disk and you have to get them printed up. That’s the only option that I can think of. You can contact John directly from the Green Valley website at

Even if John can’t help you, he might be able to point you towards someone who can. Just a thought . . .

Although come to think of it, String said his first Swamp Girl was only a practice boat, so maybe he’d pass it along to you and you could use a chain saw and some bondo to stretch it and narrow it ;-:

pro boat plans
My dad and I put together some plans for a pro boat on paper and built one this past winter. Still have the plans sitting around. It turned out pretty well, handles very good. At the bottom of this page should be some pictures - .

thanks great pictures
Hey blackswamppaddler, how does your pro boat feel compared to a 4x32 usca comp cruiser? I have paddled afew of them which ranged from rock solid to fairly tippy. What I hated about the comp cruisers (besides being obsolete) is that if you did not have good balance and farted off center you woud go swimming…

how the boat feels
I have only ever paddled pro boats (Corbin, V-1 Pro, Bullet, and Hassel), so I can’t compare them to 4x32. I have good balance so don’t find them tippy. The stripper we built is similar to a V-1 Pro. I’ve found the V-1 Pro to be fairly stable, especially compared to Corbin-design pro boats. I think the Bullet, V-1 Pro, and Hassel designs are all a lot more stable feeling compared to Gillies and Corbin designs.

Bear Mountain ?
Sorry, I don’t know enough about these to know if this is one or not.


not one
Pro boats are 2 person racing canoes.

a few things come together finacially this fall I would be interested in getting a copy of those plans. It would be a wonderful chance to throw my sons stuff out of the garage and use the garage for what it was ment for… Boat building!

Yeah, just let me know…
I can always get a copy printed of the forms.