Plasti Dip Hully Rollers

Has anyone tried to Plasti Dip their Hully Rollers? I have two sets and the coating is turning to chewing gum. I don’t want to have to buy another set of wheels.

I don’t know of anyone ever trying, but if the current rubber is that deteriorated, chances are the dip is not going to stick very well. I would be afraid it would make a bigger mess that what you already have

I have the same problem. An older string suggested using household spray cleaner on the rollers. Have you tried that?

I pulled the sticky rubber off of one of the wheels yesterday. There is a plastic wheel with cleats underneath. I applied a coat of the White spray coating. It didn’t appear to be very thick. I am going to use the dip to see if I can build it up thicker.

If you can get all of the old rubber off of the plastic wheels along with any remaining adhesive, use an appropriate adhesive and glue on one or more layers of neoprene or rubber cut from an inner tube. Neoprene fabric is available online. This is a common complaint for these rollers.

Unfortunately Yakima will not cover this under warranty and they do not sell replacement wheels. These rollers have been discontinued, but a few places still have them online.

I tried the rollers for my first setup, moved to a rear setup with a felt pad for sliding.

Now I have the Thule DockGrip that is rubber for better grip (supposed to be just front set, but I use them at both ends. I throw a towel over the back pair while loading the kayak, then, pull it out before strapping the kayak down.

These give more support and better grip.