plastic bulkheads

some of the newer plastic sea kayaks are introducing plastic bulkheads instead of foam.

I am wondering if you could retrofit a plastic bulkhead and glue it in place…or even weld it


My '05 plastic Avocet
has them, too. Just now showing the slightest bit of leakage from the cockpit into the day hatch. They are concave facing forward, and must flex enough to stay well bonded. This is my surf toy, and it gets pounded a bit. I use it more than my other kayaks combined. I think, once found, little leaks will be easier to repair than foam bulkheads. They also take up a lot less room in the boat. I’m not sure about retro fitting. The fit would have to be real precise, and it would be difficult to get a flexible shape like the Valley concave. I don’t know how they are bonded, (welded?) but they appear to be sealed with Lexel. But, you like interesting projects! Let’s here of your results. Ken…

Only if…
…you can find a plastic bulkhead that fits your boat, which pretty much means that it has to be a factory bulkhead. It would be possible to fabricate a fiberglass bulkhead, which could then be bonded in place, but foam bulkheads are definitely easier to make.

Why? Nothing at all wrong with foam bulkheads.

Bill H.