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Jim, are you feeing O.K.?
Your post did not mention your apparent hero T.B. or the BCU or call bad conditions “snotty.” Are you running a fever?

Oh, sorry, I see, your wife saved you by mentioning that you rode a cetus for 2 days. I almost forgot that you’ve paddled every “brit boat” ever made, usually months before us plebians can get our filthy hands on them. Oh yeah, we all really care what you think about them…



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I'm the one who said that the boat was liked, frankly to make up for having been a bit of a snot about the pics used on kayak sites. Jim didn't volunteer that, so heck only knows why you are getting after him on it.

And there is no privilege involved here. We took a couple of days of training and the person giving it was on team P&H and so had (duh) an interest in getting us to try P&H boats. All four of us taking the training were in P&H boats.

You make my being crotchety about the pics thing look like sweetness and light.

false advertisement :slight_smile: NM

I gotta say it !!
there ya’s go again with the nit-picking !!!

crying cause there’s no spray skirt on, is it loaded or not in the pic, etc etc. etc…all valid questions to be answered in due time. they’re just trying to show off the boat to start with to get people familarized with a new product.

Absolutely brilliant point.
The mill pond in summer. Yikes.


See above NM