Plastic Cetus - "Scorpio" - P&H News

Here is a quick view of the new Scorpio. I’m hoping to have one for Charleston - and go play with it at Folly…

have a good week -

P&H - Asheville NC

and yet
The website

is not updated yet…

Dumb question maybe but…
Neat news about the RM Cetus aka Scorpio.

But I was again struck by the habit of a manufacturer putting up photos of a sea kayak being paddled without a skirt. I suspect that the close up shot is to give a sense of where the coaming hits on the target paddler. Don’t get the first one though.

Any idea of why some do this?

first shots
this is just the first shots of the boat - we’ll have some proper fotos soon. if all goes well - Ben will pick up the boat on thursday in Savanah - and we’ll meet up at Charleston. So far so good.

Not your photos?
I just about never see a kayak center doing this, unless it is a transitional boat targeted at that market or a shot of soemthing like a demo day.

Thanks for the update

note some things in the second photo
first note the ‘cut away’ deck—wave shaped running from the forward hatch area to the glove box area, you’ll appreciated this cut away when high stroking, besides it gives a little flare to the design.

second note the two different hatch types…the bow hatch is traditional KajakSport rubber but the glove box cover is a stiffer plastic–also by KajakSport–but snaps on and off in an instant giving you quick access to the contents.

In the first photo the lack of spraydeck is surely to give you a clear shot of the cockpit, its angles,overall form. I noted the paddler is def. wearing an immersion suit-probably seriously thick neoprene so I think he’s safe!

I would have only asked what the paddler’s weight was and if other gear was on board to help gauge the ‘touring capacity’ by looking at the amount of water drawn.

In the description they say the Scorpio is ‘loosely’ based on the Cetus??? hmmmmmm probably as close as mold reproduction will allow.

why is it considered a tactical error if a paddler is shown w/o a skirt?

Cheese and Rice folks it’s the first photo of a new boat…and it’s in a pond. who the frick cares?


Just me maybe

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Absolutely granted, skirts are sooo trivial compared to fear of mustard gas. :-)

As even I dimly noticed, the second photo was shot close enough to show some things that a skirt would have covered up.

It's the more open ended photos that I find a little confusing, where the boat is pictured in a setting with text that appears to be someone going on a more challenging trip except they don't have a skirt. Unlike some of the more coached shots which may clearly show a profile, it seems odder for the skirt to be lacking.

I am pretty sure this isn't the only time it's been commented on though.

Wha’dya want ?!?!?!
That picture’s from out the back of the factory. Still steam coming off the hull from being in the oven. (well almost)

Want to examine it with a microscope go to ECCKF next weekend or for close to NY, stop by at the end of the month when I have mine in the Showroom.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

I was being a jerk.

Actually, Jim spent two days in a Cetus last summer. Liked much about the boat, I assume the plastic is quite similar.

Oh my…
Hey, guy’s at least wearing a PFD, which is more than me half the time!

Nice looking boat P&H! Gosh knows ya have enough hatches eh…that will be a plus. People like hatches.

"have enough hatches eh"
They could always add one over the skeg box like some Kajak-Sport boats :wink:

Cetus LV…
At 17’ as given on the P&H site, the Scorpio is 10" shorter than a Cetus. I wonder if it is also narrower?

Maybe it hints at the Ceuts LV :wink:

flat-earth society
Of the Cetus, the website says:

“The length and shallow v-hull add up to a fast, efficient boat that won’t take any time at all to reach the horizon.”

Don’t they realize that while the boat is moving, the horizon is moving too?

or the Scorpio XT

I know what you mean – we’ve all seen those marketing-driven photos of folks with gear that doesn’t match the paddler, boat, or conditions, but “looks nice”.

I liked that one Wilso!
Funny you mention that. When I tested that boat some years back I laughed at first at the little hatch. Later it was very helpful in extracting gear shoved aft.

I actually will build my own boat without a day hatch. I just don’t use them. Not offended by them, just don’t use them. P&H has done some cool things lately though! They have a cool new skeg system which won’t kink…spring loaded.

You beat me to it
I was about to make that exact same comment. then i saw your post. I agree with ya completely!

Speaking of new boats, any pics of the new wildy boat yet? Zepypher wasn’t it?


I am stoked to see it

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maybe take it for a test drive... it is on my hit list to paddle at ECCKF, neck and neck with the Zephyr. Will the Easky 17 be making an appearance as well?

I am also excited about the Cetus LV - I hope it fits me a bit better.

Jim - I hope the waves pick up so you have some test surf, its been flat here lately. Scott was going to try and play a bit this evening but there wasn't anything worth going after. So far it looks like Thursday will be a good day and early (12a - 9a) Saturday.

Celia - It probably won't even be worth wearing a spray skirt. Of course, when it is flat and we want to make life fun we leave the skirts off and let the cockpits flood. There is nothing better for laughs than surfing 2-3 footers while sitting waist deep in water.

the skeg does show a lot of thought
and if you are going out for a week why not take a apare? i havent’ price the spare but without tools you can easily/quickly remove the skeg apparatus, repair or replace. A spare because of its shape takes up almost no room and weighs very little.

No insider information but someday you might see a Cetus Extreme that will solve the rudder/skeg debate once and for all :slight_smile:

Another thing I’d add to the Cetus (or any high end boat) is to put the seat on a rack/glide where the paddler can adjust fore/aft 4-6 inches.