Plastic Cetus

The boys in the UK fwd. the fotos of the first plastic version of the Cetus “The Scorpio”. Looks very nice. HOpe to have one at the Jersey Paddler show, Kittery, as well as Charleston…



Asheville NC

Cetus backorder
Jim, considering that the fg version is backordered, I hear until next year, when is the plastic version scheduled to release and would it be sooner than the fiberglass Cetus?

I don’t ask for personal reasons (boat is too big for me) but because I like P&H as a company and consider them quite innovative.

Will check it out at the Jersey Paddler show, thanks for the update!

Backorder on FG and Carbon/kevlar cetus is relative. If you were to place a NEW order today for a cetus - yes - its looking about a year out. however - many dealers are receiving Cetus’s for stock right now - as these orders were placed end of summer/early fall of last year. I know we have several going to the next round of shows in the Northeast - so if you do want a composite version of the cetus - or any P&H boat - it shouldn’t be a problem (Now).

Regards to the Scorpio (plastic cetus) - I expect by end of April - early May they will be readily available thru the dealers in US and Canada (sooner in the UK and Europe).

thanks for your post -


P&H - Asheville NC

Scorpio LV?
Will there be a version, and when?

Cetus LV?
Any new word on when the Cetus LV might appear on American shores?

Scorpio LV
Yes thats the plan - probably Summertime …