Plastic D-ring on Kokatat broken

Disappointed the plastic D-ring broke on my Hustler PFD. I love the Jacket I never used the ring. Similar small D-ring on a Seals deck bag I have I couldn’t even bend with my hands.
! It has a flat cross section I think it would have been better round and higher quality plastic or nylon. I wanted to use a Scotty Clip to pull my VHF towards the center and noticed it broken. How much can they save on a cheap plastic D like that. It wasn’t some cheap box store vest it was the Hustler Rescue vest.


Agreed. It should be better. Replace with an $0.80 stainless steel split ring. Call it PaddleDog improved.

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Great idea I have some SS split rings! Thanks? Marshall improved.

Done thanks!

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I fixed her purse a while back the same way. I used two key rings.

I would cut that old plastic one right off.

These field repair snap buckles are another option to use with the nylon loop. You can add a nylon strap or loop to the other side to make something easily releasable, yet secure, to hold gear.

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Nice never saw them.