Plastic kayak dent repair video I found.

My recent repair of a minor dent on my sedan’s fender got me thinking. Kayaks dent too, but instead of high-forced sudden impacts, it is through incorrect storage or transportation over a period of time on hot day. I was looking at dent removal videos on various vehicles on youtube, and I found an interesting video on kayak dent removal. But what about for sit-in kayaks? Would you just push it out with your hand?

Anyways, here is the video. It is on a Hobie, which I believe is a fairly high quality company and makes good, strong plastic.

The library doesn’t have headphones at every computer, so I can’t listen to it. Sheesh.

It’s also pretty easy to do just sitting out in the sun with a Weight pushing against the dent for traditional sit in kayaks.

Crude but effective. They might offer
more on the air pump, and ways to get it effectively connected to the boat. Of course, they’re working on a SOT, while on a typical sit-in rec boat, there may be no way to impose air pressure. So other methods may be necessary.

Regarding their use of hot water, I might have put one or two layers of cotton towel over the dent, so more of the water can be kept where it is needed. Wet, cold towels can be put over adjoining areas, to keep them from softening and ballooning.