Plastic kayak storage on the ides or on

Hi folks,

Whats the current thought about storing plastic kayaks…hang them sideways (vertical - like a J cradle) or with the hull down (horizontal -cockpit up)?

I’m using a Talic- like stand with webbing and wondered if there is any preferred way of storage to avoid dents etc.

Thanks for the update.

My preference
Is to store them on their side hanging from straps. (The wider the strap, the better.)

Shouldn’t make a difference
Keep them out of the sun and don’t fill them with water.

Beware hanging them on the ides…
…I usually hang mine on the Lupercalia, but

never on the ides.

Seriously. I hang mine on straps and I’ve never

noticed a distortion. With my touring boat, I

place the straps right where the bulkheads are.

The biggest problem
that I have seen is that there are boats that flex a lot on the bottom in the middle. On my new OK Sprinter, the bottom flexes very easily. The sides are much stronger. Straps evenly distribute the pressure so they work also.

Always go paddling on the ides
then you’ll never have to store your boat that day.

The letter “s” slipped off the finger there.

The webbing is located at the bulkheads on the zoar sport but the pungo is without bulkheads so the straps hit about 1/4 of the way in from the ends.

There is also a fiberglass canoe on the bottom.

Thanks for the replies folks.

Plastic Kayaks
On the side works best. Keep them out of the sunVaughn Fulton