plastic Looksha IV weight and volume

I am comparing kayaks - basically wondering if I should replace my old Looksha IV. Anyone happen to have the specs for the volume of the hatches on the Looksha IV (and the volume of the cockpit, if that is also available)? Or the listed weight of the boat?

It is an older Looksha IV, if that matters (black seat, so likely from between 99 and 04 or so).

Looksha iv
Don’t know about the vol. but i had a plastic one and i think it was about 52 lbs. VF

I think I got the weigths

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Plastic Looksha IV is supposed to be 64 pounds and the Looksha Sport is supposed to be 59 pounds.

52 pounds sounds more like glass.

Still need hatch volume (as in how much stuff could I possibly fit in them). Have a message to Necky, but not really expecting a response. Sea Kayaker has a review from Feb 1997, so I may need to break down and order up a copy of that from them.