plastic Neutron surf boat

How would it work for a guy of 230 lbs?

Any opinions about the boat?

Give us a link, so we can read up on
the thing, and make up an opinion.


I was hoping to find someone with actual experience of the boat

You are about 50 lbs too heavy.

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In the Megaline you would need a Scarab or Megatron.
I've only surfed the composite neutron, it's a great boat but probably not the best choice for a first surf boat.


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Review of the Dagger Kaos surf boat in the first issue of California Kayaker Magazine (page 21 of It is a sit on top (good for those of us without a bombproof roll), and handled my 220 pounds well.

ps - it would make Flatpick happy for you to use a Dagger...


appreciate the steer in the right
direction. Thanks! Want to name other appropriate boats? I’m not wedded to Mega. It’s just somebody here in town has one for sale. That’s why I asked.