Plastic P&H Cetus (Scorpio)?

Let’s see when it actually arrives :wink:
Been waiting a while for the Cetus LV. Now the poly Cetus is supposed to be available next month. The last I heard the promise time on freshly ordered P&H boats was January 2009.

Soon to be on the floor. Not yet but soon. Looking forward to playing with it on the water.

J - You sounding a little cabin fevered, frozen in, ice locked, in need of water fix cranky? Remember - Patience Grasshopper. :wink:

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY (where the Hudson isn’t frozen)

a little cabin fevered…
The last few winters I got onto water regularly. This winter the last time I was on real water (i.e. not pool)was December 30. Surgery at the beginning of January kept me out of boats for a few weeks.

Just got back to pool sessions last week. I’d love to get the new Nordlow on the Hudson soon…