Plastic repair

I have a Perception 12.5 Acadia. I recently noticed a leak in my kayak and it is coming from the very back and underneath. I do not know how large the hole is but it looks to be very small since it is not visible. I can, however, see it leaking from the point. What is the best possible way to repair these plastic boats?

Remelt the plastic with a solder gun or iron.

Paddle Shop
You can do the repair yourself as suggested but if the hull is worn through from dragging the boat, the worn area will need to have materal added to it. Most paddle shops make repairs. Once it’s repaired stop dragging it on pavement or the repair won’t last for long.

Call Perception…
They will send you thin plastic rods that can be melted onto the hole with a heat gun. You can pick a heat gun up cheap at your local hardware store (they’re used for stripping paint).

Just be careful not to melt more of the hull away (don’t apply too much heat with the heat gun).

I had to repair a large hole on my Carolina from dragging it during a portage. It’s a little unsightly when it’s on my car rack, but no one can see it on the water - unless I capsize!

Here is a good article on it:

Good luck.

By West Systems epoxy

Second G/Flex
it comes packaged with instructions for repairing rotomolded plastic boats

For a small hole, Marine Goop
would work fine. HD carried it last time I looked.