Plastic Romany S

Got to paddle one last weekend and was wondering what others have thought about Nigel’s latest and greatest (?) kayak.

My impressions were: similar to Romany 16 in glassfibre. Same kind of feel for tracking, stability and edge control. Seems more like the Romany S (old Poseidon?) so I guess that’s why it’s also an “S”! Hard to draw sideways evenly, front goes faster than back. Same as Romany 16 and S. Glassfibre seat and cockpit rim. Very weird bolts holding a wobbly seat in, though it is adjustable. NO backstrap and slippery as slug slime with no knee pads or backstrap. Very funky footbraces. Cockpit rim is rivited on with some black sealant of foam for waterproofness. Hatches were quite difficult to get on/off. Day hatch leaked.

Think I’ll keep looking.

Anyone else have an opportunity to try this model out yet?


where were you
that you tried it?

i didn’t know that any had hit the us shores yet.

Geneva Kayak has them.