Plastic standup kayak?.....

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I saw somewhere an ad for a "kayak" which, as I recall, had a well or wells in which the paddler could stand. Could have been a catamaran or single hull. Obviously, there would be some landing problems, but the idea is interesting. Can anyone help me locate this, or am I hallucinating again?

Try google on Wavewalk I think that’s what you are talking about.


or maybe Tribalance?


A couple of years ago…
there was a pic in the Wilderness Systems catolog with a fisherman standing on a Ride in what I think was a salt water marsh.


Tommy’s right. Go to
and look down the manufacturers list on the home page.

Like all other boats, if you can help it, definately try a Wavewalk before you buy it.

Why Not A Canoe?
Standing in most canoes is a piece of cake…plus you can carry two dogs and a cooler.

…Wavewalk was exactly what I was thinking of.