Plastic Tempest 180

When is Wilderness Systems going to introduce a Plastic Tempest 180.

Why would you want plastic?
I’ve had plastic boats and now I have a glass boat and I’d never go back to tupperware now. Quite a bit more durable and a lot easier to repair if you have to. Glass or Kevlar boats can take a lot more abuse than you think. If your dead set on finding a answer to your question you should try to find one of flatpick’s posts and email him that question. He’s co-designer of the tempest family.

commercial application
Thanks you i hope he read the question.

I work professionally in the kayaking industry and when you work with kids etc a composite kayak would not last, let alone have time to fix it

I do own a Kevlar kayak which I use when i am not working.

well now…
I been trying to get the T-180 produced in roto for oh about…4 years now! something always takes it off the front burner. we have the plug done, it just takes sending it to the moldmaker!

America is getting larger and more L A R G E kayaks are in order…along with MORE small ones.

dream on…maybe someday?


longest poly boat
Who makes the longest poly boat and how long is it??

The longest I can think of is this SOT

Valley make one of their Rapiers in plastic so that may be the longest SinK.

How many of them do you put in a Tempest 180, anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:

Makes sense
I’d be interested in a poly Tempest 180. You are right, not all of us paddle shrimp boats. There is a market for big guy boats and the few that are out there get our dollars (I paddle an Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5 Modulus, one of the very few boats that works for me).

I’d like a plastic boat to use in areas where there are too many oyster shells, large pebbles and for concrete ramp launchings. Or rougher, shallow areas in estuaries and coastal swamps – not taking my good hard boat over trees and stumps! I’m using a Tarpon 160 now, but would prefer a SINK for cold weather use.

that will end weighing 65-70 pounds

6’6 220 lbs size 14 shoe
Even at 63 I’d have no problem with a 70 pound boat as long as it fits. Then again, I’m no couch potato.

I am 6 foot 3 and 107kg (233lbs) (still playing aussie rules footy)

The tempest 170 Max Capacity: 325 lbs. / 147 kg

The Tempest 180 pro Max Capacity: 400 lbs. / 181 kg

When you are working with kid you generally on a 5 day trip have to carry 30lts (7.9 Gallons) of water.

Now the tempest 170 Me + water = 137 kg (302 lbs) so when you add on Food, first aid kit and camping gear ect things add up. The last time i used a tempest 170 it was like a submarine at the start. That extra space and carrying volume would make life very easy

Check this out for length!!