Plastic vs. Glass vs. Kevlar, etc. ??

Does anyone know where can I find out about the Pros & the Cons of each of these materials used in Kayak construction? I might have seen the answer to my question somewhere [on this site ??] recently, but can’t locate it now.

I’m going out to Jersey Paddler this Saturday to demo a few K’s, and hope to drive home with one. I anticipate all flatwater touring usage over the next 2 years [both freshwater & saltwater].

Thanks in advance


Plastic is the least
expensive, but it is the heaviest. It can take a beating, but is also the hardest to repair.

Fiberglass and kevlar are very similar to each other.

Fiberglass is less expensive than kevlar, but it will be a little heavier.

Of the three Kevlar is the most expensive, but it is also the lightest.

Both fiberglass and kevlar are easy to repair.

The higher end quality boats are usually of kevlar.