Plastic Welding

I’ve got a Dagger Honcho WW kayak that I’ve had for a long time. Unfortunately out here in SD we lack much water, so I often paddle in pretty bony water. I’ve got a few spots on the boat’s bottom that are quite thin. What is the best way to fill in what I’ve cheese grater’ed off?



I would probably just glue a doubler over the thin areas on the inside.

3M Scotchweld DP 8005 is one of the few adhesives that will hold to poly. It is available (along with the mix nozzles and gun) from Grainger’s.

If you have access to a plastic welder you could cut out the thin areas back to where there is full thickness, and weld in a patch.

I have access
I’ve got a plastic welder and it is harder than it looks. With metal you can make and ugly weld and then grind it smooth and it is likely to be strong enough. With plastic welding is is very hard for beginners to do very good work so I’d lean toward trying the new #M stuff of just using the old reliable “Duct Tape” which now comes in clear.

A “Hard Core” Welder Or A Kit?

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I saw some kit advertised for something like $150. Seems interesting though I wonder how well it would work. Nothing I need right now though who knows in the future...


what about P-Tex candles
Ski shops use em to smooth out gouges on skis…seems to hold up pretty well.