Playboat Kayaking Flips and Tricks Videos

I went to Offutt Island on the Potomac River yesterday and got some videos of several playboat kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders surfing the small waves. Enjoy!

Kayaking Flips and Tricks


You made a nice video. I grew up near there and went to high school near Great Falls. We used to canoe up the C&O Canal and come down the Potomac. There were few kayakers in those days.

A friend of mine took a famous accidental swim at one of the side channels of GF in February and was rescued by helicopter. He was a lifeguard at Ocean City and I think that is what saved his life.

Thanks, glad you liked the video. Yeah, the whitewater kayaking community seems to be fairly small compared to other sports. But I’ve met several of them as I hike along the Potomac River.

Glad your friend survived the swim. I’ve seen several people swim rapids in the Potomac River. It’s scary. And I often see rescue helicopters flying low over the river. Good thing they were there to help.

Right now the river is getting really high so the rapids are even more challenging than usual.

I’ll post some new kayaking videos soon.

This time they were out at Little Falls trying to ramp the waves and catch some air…with varying levels of success: [](http://Catching Air at Little Falls)

Good video Drew. Nice to see some people that know how to paddle.
Be safe out there.