Ok…I’ve got my 14-15 foot day tourers, love em!..but I’m so hooked on the water play that I wanna get something that I can use in the river near my home…spur of the moment paddle-fix kinda thang.

The boat would need to be highly maneuverable, light enough to carry easily and scoot over shallows, and fun to squeeze between small bolders. Nuthing fancy…just a fun “playboat”.

Any kayak suggestions?

Need more information
What river? Do you really mean playboat or is that just a designation for a boat to have fun in? What size are you (height, weight, inseam, dogs)?

more info

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A boat to have fun in. This river is small, has a few shallow spots, mixed with many places where bolders produce swift dips and small deep pools. Lot's of twists and turns. Basically nothing that I could take my larger kayaks in. There are several rivers like this in the area...they are more like something you'd see folks tubing on.
I'm 6'-0"....160#

sounds like

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a used whitewater boat from the longer river-running side of the family. if you want to turn, scoot, and play with rocks, you might as well get a boat that's designed for it.

If you were buying new, maybe something like this:

BTW, "playboat", as commonly used, means a whitewater boat designed for loops, cartwheels, and other non-upright activities. probably not what you're after...yet.

Sounds like you may know me…LOL!

Check out the Emotion “EDGE”

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I have an 18' touring kayak, but wanted something inexpensive, and light weight, to just throw in the back of my pick-up truck for a little playing on the local creeks.

I bought a Recreational (Sit in) kayak made by Emotion Kayaks, named the "EDGE". Please read the review I did on it here on P-Net.

It is a really fun little kayak, that is easy to carry, and has a comfortable seat & back rest.

I have had it on the large lakes I paddle over the winter, and on smaller streams with class 1 rapids.

Being only 9'-10" long, it turns very easy, and is stable enough for almost anyone. I have a blast every time I take it out. It is a great little "Playboat".

Check it out, you won't be sorry! :)

A small rec boat might also work for the kind of fooling around you describe, and would be better for the flat stretches. But I get the feeling you’re going to want to play in moving water, and a rec boat will really limit you there.

If you buy used, it’ll be fairly inexpensive either way.

go WW. its cheap
Get a used whitewater kayak. reason#1 price, reason#2 fit.

Now, i am babbling all this because i just did this and it works for me so i think it’s great and cost efficient.

Pricepoint(canadian dollars) a whitewater kayak would cost anywhere between 1000-1500 new, 5 or more times in moving water and they price cuts in half or more, for a current model, it seems by looking at ads. old school models drop to near nothing, despite being much better ‘fitting’ and generally tough than any short cheap rec. boat out there. rec boats don’t seem to drop in price that much,despite being dirt cheap new.

I have a 17 ft wildy Capehorn and wanted something small short light i could hopefully throw in the back of my Pontiac Firefly and hit the water. I ended up getting a used Dagger Crossfire(good shape, late 90’s vintage), 11 ft oldschool river runner for 200 bucks(canadian), complete with airbags. spins on a dime and actually fun to paddle in flat water and mild chop.