PLB battery replacement question

Has anyone had their Fast Find PLB battery replaced?

If so, what was the cost and were you sdatisfied?

I am waiting on a quote, but would like to hear from someone who has had theirs replaced

I was also wondering if it can be done by myself, although I can’t figure how to get it apart and keep the waterproof integrity it has.

Mine should be good for one more year, but I would like to keep ahead of the game

Jack L

PLB Batteries
Jack- I’d think about tossing it and getting a new unit. The replacement generally run 50-65% the cost of a new unit. With technology changes, you might as well be assured of having the best and most up to date PLB. The last time I went to have an EPIRB serviced (after 6 year) I found the battery was no longer available.

The battery is not consumer serviceable due to all the gasketing, testing, etc as required to recertify it.

Hey, I know it’s not what you want to hear, I’m as cheap as they come, but you bought the PLB as a last resort life saver, right? It’s not the place to pinch pennies.

I wouldn’t put any money into a 6-7 year old electronic device.

Best regards,

Jim (no association with mfgs or repairs of these things)

The last I knew the battery replacement
for the 210 was $175.

A new 220 is running at $249 on Amazon.

I am facing the same dilemna next year.

I’ll probably just get a new unit.

I agree with you both, but didn’t know what a new battery would cost.

jack L

I’ve been there
and I concluded that the least worst alternative is to get a new one now that prices on these PLB’s has dropped to a more reasonable level. But I have not changed the battery on the particular unit you are referring to so I can’t comment on that specifically.