Pleasant Day Paddle

First day bringing the Blackhawk back out of hibernation, so pleasant being back in something a little more playful. The bird life was less enthused about my presence, I really need to get some longer glass.

Gorgeous location and pics!

Thanks Tom! The beauty of photography let’s me purposely “hide” the dam with the big motor craft lift and all the many houses and docks. But in the spring and fall when all the seasonal residents leave (almost every property) it really is a nice easy access with some pretty sections to make up for it. You know how to reach me when you need that Northwoods getaway, you don’t even need to bring a boat (I’ll suffer in the Prism).

Beautiful photos and boat.

That’s a great offer. I would love to pop up and see you. I hope things get more normal relatively soon.

You have surprisingly good taste in canoes for a kayaker.


Thanks Rookie!

Phil sure knew how to design a pretty boat. In fact, I can’t think of a Blackhawk that doesn’t look good regardless of the designer, but that might be a personal problem. Beyond that he also knew how to build them. I have a coworker (also happens to be a former Blackhawk employee) who bought a QCC 700X from and built by Phil after he closed Blackhawk. Long story short, didn’t really care for the boat, but boy was it well made!