PLEASE, Advice for training GPS needed

It’s time … I eventually want to buy my first GPS.

My only objective is to beeing able to accuratly track my work out progres. I paddle well known turf and don’t care about maps or compass.

It would be nice if I could easily check and see my distance, average speed and top speed with a glance at the unit and occasionally download the whole data of a selected trip (with a reasonable data point density) to my PC.

training gps
forerunner 201 or 301. excellent training tools. very simple and durable. the 201 is cheap as well.


Garmin Etrex. Cheap, waterproof, small, works great.

GPS 72
I just bought a Garmin GPS72 (inexpensive, waterproof, floats) but have been having some problems with the accuracy of the Trip Reports.

I’ve contacted Garmin and once I hear back and find out whether the unit itself is defective or if it’s just not accurate, I’ll let you know.

ForeTrex 101 or 201 also
The ForeTrex series is similar to the ForeRunner, and just as inexpensive (about $100). I use a Foretrex 101 and it would do everything you ask for.

Note - Garmin often calls IPX7 rating waterproof, where it is not (it is actually dustproof - IPX8 is the first waterproof rating). Both the Forerunner and Foretrex are IPX7. They should do fine with splashes or maybe an accidental drop in the water, but are not meant for prolonged exposure. They warrantied one for me that got water inside it, but I suspect they may not be willing to warranty a second.

THANK 's to your feeback
I found and read about the Garmin Forerunner 205. offers the unit for $195. Did anybody try this GPS for paddling?

What would be the difference between a ForeTrex vs. a ForeRunner?

Again, thank you for your feedback!