Please define "null point"

I am reading a kayak guide in which the author uses the term “null point”. Going by the context, I think it means the location in a channel at which high tide flowing from opposite directions “meets.”

Is this correct? If not, what does it mean?

If it is correct, it sounds like a well-timed arrival at that point provides a long, free ride!

it may be
the point where a river meets an incoming tide. The point would move upstream until the tide changed. Just a guess.

Tide Line
I have always refered to that point as the tide line. I dont know if that is the correct terminology or not. Often you will see disturbed water similar to a race, and sometimes you will see foam or debris marking this point.

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That’s closest to what I’m reading into it, but not specific to river:tide interface. Since I am thinking it refers to water movement in opposite directions, either toward each other or away from each other, it wouldn’t apply to river:tide interfaces more than half the time.

Funny, but I thought it would be a standard term. After doing a google search, I found lots of other definitions of “null point” but not a marine application.

Could it
be the author was refering to slack tide?