please help. need info on shipping kayak

I am buying a hobie mirage oasis from my dad in mobile, al. I live in fort collins, co and i was wandering if anyone has had any experiance in shipping kayaks across the country and What is the best meathod of doing so. He will be sending the kayak, peddles, oars, roof rack, dolly/cart and sail. Any info would help. Thanks !!

There are earlier threads
on shipping which you can find by using the search function. Some include warnings on which companies to avoid.

Go get it
If it is at all possible, you would probably come out best if you could go get it. Even if you have to rent a trailer. What about catching a bus to Alabama; then rent a small truck for the trip back to Colorado?

They specialize in moving paddlecraft. They delivered a canoe to me from NY at a reasonable price.

always ship Royalex
A Solo Plus came from Oak Orchard.

The terminal housed miscreants goons thugs and retards caring for the hull.

your turn…

My experience with KAS
Owner Steve Skinner promised a particular delivery date…then pushed it back four times (equaling about 3 months) with this and that excuses…then refused to deliver at all when I confronted him with his lack of integrity.