Please Help! Used Kayak Price?

What would be a decent price to pay for a used Current Designs Kestrel 140 TCS (thermoformed plastic) about 4 years old? I know condition plays a big role, but assuming normal wear and tear for a 4 year old kayak. MSRP was about $1,600.

Includes a Werner Cyprus paddle also 4 years old that orginially cost $380. And a Thule car rack org price $575. Throwing in some other accessories (two wheel cart, bilge pump, straps, etc.), but paddle and car rack biggest ones.

I am going to look at everything tomorrow afternoon and if in good condition want to get a deal, but don't have a good idea what a good price would be.

I know Current Designs doesn't make the TCS model anymore so imagine that should help in getting a good price.

Any thoughts on price or this kayak in particular would be very much appreciated. Looking to get my first kayak so want to make sure I am getting a good kayak at a good price to break into the sport.

Thanks in advance for any help!

For the package
$1400 or $1500 for an almost ready to go paddling package seems reasonable.

Does the rack fit YOUR car?

Rack and what to look for on used kayak
Rack is something I will definitely make sure that fits my SUV when I check out. My SUV has factory racks, and assuming this will be a “full” rack based on org price. Any idea if that could somehow still be used with a factory rack?

Any tips on things to look for when checking out a used kayak?

Thanks for your help.

Both Yakima and Thule
have factory rail grabbers. You will have to buy these rail grabber as the rack feet on the system for sale are car specific to the sellers vehicle.

Do not try to get by on the cheap and plop the rack right on your car. Even if it looks like the feet will work, the rack can fly off and cause damage to your stuff and injury or death to others.

seller doesn’t have a price?
1/2 new is a reasonable deal

Price/TCS good material?
Seller said $1,400. Before I knew what paddle and rack were included I said that was too high and thinking more in $800 range (around 50% of retail of kayak.) Bottom line, I won’t pay $1,400 and he thinks $800 is too low, but maybe we can find middle ground. Assuming somewhere in the middle would be not just a reasonable price, but a really good deal.

Of course this is all contingent on kayak being in good shape. Which I should be able to see anything obviously wrong, but any things a beginner might overlook?

I am new to kayaking, only been out on small lakes a handful of times. Want to get into the sport, but not break the bank in case is something I find I don’t have enough time for (two kids under 3).

Is the TCS (thermoformed plastic) a good way to go? Lighter than rotomold, but Current Designs stopped making them. Which means to me they didn’t sell well, so not sure if I should be concerned about that.

Sounds like…

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Sounds like you are going to talk yourself out of a reasonable deal.

The Thule web page will tell you what towers or fit kit you need to safely and properly attach Thule bars to your car, and the minimum bar length.

Current Designs was purchased by another company (Wenonah) not long ago. Abandoning TCS as a material probably had more to do with the take-over and tooling rather than the material itself or sales of TCS boats. Not a valid haggling point.

Go for it!
Asking price sounds reasonable.


I appreciate everyones comments, they were very helpful. I am checking out the kayak tomorrow afternoon and hopefully can work out a deal.

If anyone has any more comments or suggestions keep them coming please. I need all the help I can get!

Thanks again!

CD’s been part of Wenonah for awhile

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Wenonah bought CD in the late 90s, and moved production to Minn during the early 2000s. The TCS layup was discontinued two or three seasons ago primarily because materials costs were putting the TCS models very close, price-wise, to the Kevlar/Carbon hybrid versions of the boats. Since the lighter hybrids seemed like a better value, there wasn't as much demand for the ABS versions.

Assuming the Kestrel is in good shape, no cracks, etc, and the rack bars and paddle are also in good condition, $1000-1200 for the package would not be out of line. IF the rack has rail grabbers or a tower system that can work with your factory rack, that's a bonus, and would be worth going toward the top of your range, since a new set of towers alone can run $100-200, depending on what you need to fit your car.

TCS is an excellent material
and it was very well done in the Kestrel. Definitely superior to rotomolded plastic.

I advise you to not be too impressed with the price of the rack. You can easily get a Thule or Yakima rack off Craigslist for $50. If money is a concern, focus on the value of the kayak, which I believe would be $700 due to your description of the condition in your later post. See also my post about my Kestrel TCS, purchased for $650 in mint condition with paddle and accessories.

BUT FIRST you need to make sure that this kayak fits your size and your useage.