Please ID this canoe/kayak

I’m trying to ID this fiberglass kayak. The owner said it’s 13’ long and it’s been painted. When I compared it to photos of a modern Rob Roy, it didn’t match. I’ve never seen a Rob Roy in person, though. You can see photos of it on my Flickr page. The first 4 photos.

The owner may be happy with it. You

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should not touch it, because even to a casual glance, it is a water pig.

And I'm not joking.

We get so many ID requests on here, but seldom is the object of investigation worth investigation.

I admire your Kansas pics, though. Kansas needs advocates and open rivers. I'm still trying to get on the Fall River when it has water.

Water pig?
ezwater, What brand is that? You mean it looks slow and sluggish to respond, right? I didn’t conclude that by looking at those photos but your comment makes me want to look again.

A friend who’s been canoeing and kayaking all over the U.S. for a good 25 years or more said, “my best guess without looking at the Internet is a Bell from the early 80s. They were fast calm water boats, but were tough to turn, and would not edge. They were very stable.”

The thing about investigating is, sometimes, you don’t know if it is worth investigating until you investigate it. So, we who don’t know try to find those who do.

Glad to hear you like my Kansas landscapes. The ocean paddling photos are from trips I guided on Kauai in the mid-late '90’s. You can see more of my Kansas landscapes at,

Looks a lot like a Poke Boat……-554218.html%3B900%3B600

Just saw the fourth picture with the seat. The seat and footbraces give it away - Phoenix Poke Boat.

poke boat
that’s what it looked like to me too.

New, those are pretty spendy. It might be worth a look if it’s in decent shape.

Thank you, wetzool!
Much appreciated!

water pig
ezwater was right about that. Reading reviews and looking at the specs, it’s a short, wide boat that doesn’t track well. And n7zuq was right about them being spendy, new. Hard to believe anybody would pay that much for that particular boat but, reading reviews, older fishermen with bad backs love Poke Boats.

I campaigned a Phoenix Seewun all
over the lower 48 in the 80s and early 90s. It was ridiculously sturdy (“Fiberlastic”) and fast for a c-1, but not a very good hull design. Phoenix were quite variable in hull design. Their Poke Boats are in the “pleasant afternoon” category, while the old Slipper was a pretty good kayak. Phoenix once made some good downriver racing kayaks. On a good day, their glasswork is attractive and well done.

RE: Phoenix
Sounds like you know these boats really well, ezwater. On their website, it looks like they only make the wide Poke boat style boats now.