Please identify this kayak

Can anyone identify the make and model of this kayak? It looks like a decent deal, but the owner cannot find any identifying labels. I would like to read the reviews before considering buying it.


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Tom Holtey or the regulars there can probably identify it.

It’s a new Polish P&H…

…they just forgot to put an upper deck on it.

This is obviously a danger in buying kayaks

made in emerging 3rd world countries.

i think
To me it looks like a Malibu sit on top kayak,Malibu is the only company i can think of that uses those gigantic hatch covers on a sit on top. Not a current model but they’re well known to have made fairly long touring SOTs.

An “Edge 15”

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It looks like an "Edge 15" which I believe was made on the west coast in the 90's.

If you search the forums at you'll find a few references.

There is also a picture of a blue one on the Topkayaker forum photo album.;photo_height=-1;photo_width=-1