Please need ideas. Need to be able to secure kayak to rack but no where to attach

I know you all are pros here and we are totally out of your league, but I know you all have a lot of creativity customization ideas. We have 8’ sit on top Sun Dolphin Balis that we use to kayak in the Peace River in Florida (not big, not deep.) We have to move our kayaks out of our storage locker and onto outside common racks. There is no place on the kayak to attach a cable for security. It is made of High Density Polyethylene. If we drill a hole from the outside to put an eye bolt through, there is no way to get into the inside to attach a nut to secure it. Any ideas would be helpful. thank you. (It does have a little handle, but someone could cut through that rope really easy.

Check out Lasso Security Cables. A lasso fits around each end of the boat . As long as you can get the cable under or around part of the rack, the boat is secure.

Use a pair of wellnuts and epoxy over or file away the screwdriver slot/cross on the bolts.

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thank you so much!

Why not a cable thru the scupper hole?

I have not tried these steel reinforced straps with locks but they seem like a good approach.

If this is the kayak you speak of put your eyebolt into the kayak and reach the nut through that access port behind the seat.

This thing doesn’t have scuppers. So that won’t work. The Lasso Security cables come in different lengths, but this thing don’t look long enough for my cables to work on it. Depending upon where the rack is you could just leave it outside like most of my neighbors so with their plastic kayaks. If all else fails build a plywood crate with hinges, hasp and lock.