Please Recommend a Tandem WW Canoe

I’m looking to buy a Tandem Canoe that would be suitable for running Class III - IV. I have been doing a bit of research, but would appreciate your recommendations. Ideally I would like to find a boat that has been around for a while to increase my chances of finding one used for a descent price. Thanks!

Dagger Dimension.
But hard to find one in decent condition.

I agree with Eric about the Caption being wet. My (our) Mad River Synergy is an even wetter tandem. These boats really are not meant for tandem river camping. The Dimension is a really big boat with lots of rocker. Stays reasonably maneuverable even when carrying two paddlers and some gear.

And our Old Town Tripper was a very
good white water tandem. Good rocker and a good center pivot section. Not a total pig on lakes, either.

any one without my wife in it

my experience
Used tandem WW boats are few and far between. It took me over a year to find a reasonably priced, good shape used boat.

Captions almost never come up used. When they do, the owners usually want nearly new prices for them (though this may change, now that Mad River has put the mold back in production).

Personal opinion of tandems I have actually paddled:

Dagger Dimension - brilliant for big water, hauling camping gear on harder WW, and for taking beginners or kids out on mild stuff. With a good team, this thing will go anywhere (but play is limited at 16’ long).

Caption - nice, responsive design for tight moves and play. Makes a good big boy or beginner solo, good tandem for intermediate/advanced teams. Wet in bigger stuff.

Esquif Blast - brilliant playboat. Super precise handling, lots of secondary stability, carves like a planing hull kayak. Not sure how dry this would be on western-style stuff, but it was fine playing in eastern technical class 3. If I had the money, I’d own one of these. BIG fun.