Please tell me spring is coming.

It’s been getting warmer lately, and the snow banks are down to about 4 feet deep, which seems promising. I’ve taken to going a little out of my way lately to visit the local tidal overfalls a few times. Wistfully thinking of days a few degrees warmer when we can go play again.

Now it’s snowing a blizzard.

Someone tell me spring is coming.

snow wha?
we had a good amount of snow in VA the weekend before last, but got a taste of Spring this past weekend… paddled Pohick Creek/Bay all Sunday afternoon in 70 degree weather :slight_smile:

Just around the corner
by the look of the Bradford Pears and the Yellowbells. The 80+ degree yesterday was also a prelude to what is coming soon.

Hang in there.


Very soon…in CT
Hang tight, it’ll get to Maine yet.

Robins roosting in our Honey Locust
this weekend. They will be building nests in the old Blue Spruce soon…


Out like a lamb?
Yesterday we had temps in the 50’s and I was cooking steaks on the grill. Today it’s 12 and wind got up in the 40+ mph range overnight. I’m sure that will change in the next few days as well.


Where are you from?
There’s no doubt, by time you hit February it’s enough. I often think about how much I would like global warming as much as I am an environmentalist. I would gladly donate a few hundred dollars each year so they can air drop fish down to the Polar Bears in trade for winter to be a few months less.

Tomatoes productive and growing tall beyond the 6-foot trellis, blooms on the cerissa plum, heliconias producing showy bird-of-paradise-like flowers out front, and blooms and golf ball-size fruit on the mango…

Grapefruit League games, dreams of the Fall, vernal dreams of minor leaguers hoping for the bigs, and fans in the stands waving fans in the stands to keep cool, along with a hot dog & beer as they watch the measured rythms and casual atmoshere of a spring game way in advance of thoughts of a Fall Classic…

Walking the mile to the gym in shorts and tanks, hoping for a mild breeze to cool us off as we walk back home after our workouts…

Temps in the 80s, nice breezes, still not a lot of bugs, dinner under the mango on the second patio in the back yard, followed by margaritas under the tiki torches on the third patio…

Paddling on 70-degree waters and in 80-degree air beneath beautiful blue skies with artistic puffy-white clouds…

Spring -coming? No way Jose -it’s here, and it’s one of the best times of the year down here to


-Frank in Miami

…New England weather…^#*%$&

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If conditions can hold around the Kingfield & Katahdin areas...then let everything else all melt! Agree Nate...the itch-to-paddle(ITP) is growing day by day.

Spring is already here
in Florida. The azaleas were blooming in Febuary. The dogwood is blooming now. It will be working its way north soon.KK

My locale
Downeast Maine. lattitude 44 N :slight_smile:

For the record, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Without winter you can’t have spring. Without the change of seasons there’s no rhythm to our years, so truly I appreciate it.

And, without long winters we wouldn’t be able to complain about them, and that just might kill a New Englander. :wink:

I’ve been in the pool the past few weekends, and I’m feeling ready to get back on the water, but I’d prefer the air to be above water temperature.

Why do you post this

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Is it because Mainers adore self flagellation?

Face it we pride ourselves in our suffering..

Suck it up and get back to the shovel.

LOL :)

(now where is the car again..its in the snow and mud somewhere)

I really do have to get it out. Nine dollar a day skiing at Wildcat this Fri and next...let it snow...

Sure sign of spring
in Ohio is the pallets of mulch are blooming at the big box stores, gas stations, etc.

My advice is
try the Paddlers Discussion Forum next time.