Plexus Epoxy: Can it be removed???


Does anyone know if you can remove something that has been cemented in place with Plexus MA300? I am wondering if it can be heated and then removed, but also not sure if this might damage my boat or the plastic mount that I am trying to get off.

I figure this probably is not going to work but was wondering if anyone might have any thoughts.


C.E. Wilson might know. Also,

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Plexus may have info on a web site.

Tell us what sort of object, and the area and shape of the base where the adhesive is.

If I knew I couldn't heat it, one approach might be to groove through the glued-on object with a Dremel of with one of those vibrating blade cutters. In some cases, if the thing to be removed is in an accessible spot, a hand saw, such as a small dovetail saw, could be used to cut grooves.

They should be close-spaced, no more than 1/2" apart, and deep enough to come *very* close to the glue layer. It might even be desirable to cross-hatch the piece.

If the piece-to-be-removed is not shaped for grooving, you might have to saw most of it off, with a horizontal saw cut. Then cut the groove.

Then the piece can be pried up, bit by bit, using a chisel or bull nose plane at a low angle.

Now, if you don't want to lose the piece-to-be-removed, you are in deep trouble.

MA300 is a methacrylate adhesive, it will chemically etch into most plastics (ABS, Gelcoat etc). Neither heat nor solvent will remove it. If the mount has bonded well to the boat, it will most likely have to be cut off. Be aware on a composite boat that levering the mount off will most likely remove gelcoat off the laminate.

I’ve used Plexus in the past to glue on KajakSport type hatch rims (ABS plastic) to composite boats - if a rim became damaged, it had to be ground away completely using an abrasive wheel.


Its got to be cut
The thwarts in my RapidFire are Plexused in. Last year I broke one…and it was not possible to remove it without cutting…

So it was repaired with additional layers of fabric.

As above
Plexus is not an epoxy.

That said, the bond can be " broken".

You’ll need a flexible putty knife and a light hammer. Insert the flat knife edge between hull and offending item. Tap it through.

There is some skill and luck involved; no guarantees, but the plexus usually pulls free of the hull, taking some resin with it.

Good luck.