Plexus for SS to Kevlar?

As per my post concerning installation of footbraces, I’ve decided to mount Harmony slidelocks. To avoid drilling the hull, it has been reccommended that I use Rotaloc-style fasteners. McMaster-Carr has perforated base binding studs in stainless with 1 1/2" dia. bases that look right for this application.

My questions concern the actual mounting of the studs and possible deformation/damage to the hull while in use. Should I reinforce the attachment points with some additional layers of glass? Which Plexus structural adhesive product is prefered? Thanks in advance.


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Placid boatworks has been mounting seats, footpegs and CobraSox thwarts with Plexus for seven years. The very few failures, less than 10 in 5000 applications have been attributable to poor cleaning or the hull leaving its roof rack at road speed.

Forget the studs. Mount the foot peg racks with Plexus and forget them! But, scuff the track backs with coarse sandpaper, then clean the scuffed side[s] and hull with acetone and let it flash off before applying Plexus.

We use 420A because it is flexible and sets up in 8 minutes but is available in $80 commercial tubes and requires a $115 applicator. Jamestown sells 300 and 310 in footpeg sized applicators.

My catalog is in one of the 35 boxes yet unopened from my recent move. But from online, I'll go with 300 rather than 310 because of the shorter, 5 min, working time. You'll do one side at a time, and, above 72dgF please, need to hold the track down to your pencil marks for the five minutes needed to set up. Then roll the hull and do the other side. I'd get 2 of the $13 applicators. You may be able to get by with one, but maybe not.

Wearing rubber gloves and cloths you never intend to go out in again, mix the Plexus on a cardboard with a squared-off craft stick, apply liberally to the track's backside and hold in place. Clean up excess with an acetone rag.

Thank you. Just what I wanted to hear!

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Oh, and I don't own any clothes I ever plan to go out in!