Plug for Bellhaven Kayak in NJ

I thought I did this but couldnt find it, anyway, ordered a roto Tempest 165 for the youngest’s Birthday…arrived in 2 days. Bellhaven (David) was a true pleasure to deal with, the Tempest had no rocker problems (have read about this issue here on…the youngest is 11 and abs. loved the kayak-actually suggested we do rescue practice (this after watching Hutchinson’s Beyond the Cockpit), and actualy suggested overnight camping in it.

Also the kayak came not only fully bubble wrapped but also in a giant felt bag??? Is this something Wilderness Systems is doing or did Bellhaven do the felt bag? It’s a nice touch and something I can use in the future.

Also wanted to plaud Old Dominion Freight Lines…when I picked up the Mirage in Knoxville a couple of months ago that shipper treated me like dog sh*t, Old Dominion treated me like a king, carried the boat to the car and loaded it for me! I told them I was very impressed by the way they treated the little guy and they said their company is built all around the little man.

is a great place. I’ve attended demo days and shopped there before. I may try them for my next boat purchase, for my first boat I went to JerseyPaddler. I’m looking forward to going to the next demo days BelHaven holds.

Hope your son enjoys that new boat - that is a great story about his enthusiasm.

Excellent Service
and knowledgeable employees. That, plus you can demo the boats right there at their lake which is right at the store.

Last year our group paddled the Mullica River and followed it up by attending Bel Haven’s Demo Day. Also had some terrific pizza at the pizza joint next to the draw bridge. My Some-timers Disease is kicking in and I can’t remember the name of the Pizza Shop along the Mullica in Green Bank.

Matt’s Pizza
That’s Matt’s Pizza and it’s the best, as is Bel Haven. I would highly recommend Bel Haven to anyone, without hesitation.


Bel Haven
Is a great store. Since David took over the place has really come to life. Dave is a first class guy to deal with, offering fair prices and a willingness to work with customers.

Many of the boats they sell are also available in Bel Haven’s rental fleet. This gives many buyers the opportunity for an extended test paddle. Truly unique in our area.

I like the Jersey Paddler however the emergence of a high quality competitor, which Bel Haven surely is, is great news for us all.

Bel Haven- Highly recommended!