plugging drilled holes in plastic boat

Please help. I’ve removed the foot pegs from my plastic kayak and need to plug the holes. Ideal the solution would be pretty smooth on both the inside and the outside and water proof. So far my best idea is to use a rivet and seal it with silicone sealant, but this is not very smooth on the inside.

Any suggestions would be great.

Plugging hole
Try just silicone with tape inside till it dries. I guess if its a big hole use Marine tex or cut a round head stainless fastener flush inside, use it like a glued in plug.

the same goo we use to glue drysuits together.

Unlike silicon sealer it will run so you need to put tape on the inside and prop the boat so that the hole is on top. A little dab’l do ya. Sets up overnight.

From my experience silicone seal will last a season. AquaSeal will last for years.

Hot Glue
Hi, I’ve use hot glue for fixing holes. Best part is you can get hot glue sticks in any color now to match your boat. It sticks well and is waterproof.

Hey Frank
yup , all sound good , ya know there are those nylon waterproof rivets also , an a lil less bulge . Also the bolt that held the trac , use it go to the hardware store an get a nut for it , put some twflon pipe tape on the bolt an ya can always finish it w/silicone/aqua seal .-----M

Use the brace bolts.
Use the bolts from the foot braces.

Repair Sticks
Prijon sells polyethylene repair sticks in a range of colors. Simply melt with lighter or torch and drip into repair area. Trim with razor blade. Cost $5

See you on the water,


Slightly bevel both side of hole W/
drill bit by hand or light touch … tape outside with clear packing tape. Put filler / sealer of choice on cardboard first and use a slightly larger than hole squeegee to push filler / sealer of choice into hole. Should fill hole on first swipe and be cosmetically smooth and flush on outside + with double bevel, you have set up sort of mechanical lock. I would use silicone.