plugging vinyl gunwales

I bought a used Penobscot that came with a center seat, but no yoke. We have solo canoes and I don’t plan on using the center seat. I was going to remove it and add a yoke.

Any ideas on how I should plug the existing holes in the vinyl gunwales? I was thinking finishing plugs from McMaster-Carr, a few dollars for way more then I need. Maybe put some silicone caulk in there to get a good seal?

Ah jus’ leave 'em…
Make good drain holes.


Consider getting sexbolts (really) …

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....... leave the holes (redrill to larger size if desired w/ a forstner bit).

Sexbolts are a finish bolt that has a round flat top and a round flat bottom (w/screw driver slot) .

They are two pieces (come in various lengths and diameters) , and you can tighten/torque to desired finish length (ie, the total width of your gunnel) .

One piece threads into the other .. the look is a finish look with the flat (coin shape) ends exposed .

They are found in aluminum, stainless, copper, brass, bronze, etc. .. use a couple drops of thread-lock so they won't loosen up ..

ed: here's a link to a supplier so you can see and understand how they work and the finish look .... once on the site , 'click Veiw Products" ... "click Specialty Threaded Studs" and find "Sexbolts" ... you don't have to get them from a specialty supplier because most good hardware stores carry basic alum. and stainless ones in a number of sizes ..

chicago screw
Nice idea. I have always seen them called Chicago Screws or binding posts. I totally know what you mean though, I have used them in projects before. I reckon they would stay in place better.