Plumbers Tape?

I’ve heard of a good emergency kayak repair tape, very sticky, that will adhere to wet surfaces. I believe it was referred to as ‘plumbers tape’. But noone in the hardware stores knows quite what I’m talking about.

I’m wanting something like this for my emergency repair kit, for quick gelcoat or cracking repairs needed on the water, or in wet conditions.

Does anyone know what this is?



What you may be looking for is called gutter repair tape. It is used to repair rain gutters. I’ve never tried it, but it is said to work well

I’ve heard Brits refer to “Denso tape”, but I’m not sure which one…

Plumber’s Tape
Here’s a link to what you’re referring to. Mostly used around threaded water lines when screwing another joint:

Works great for sealing the threads but doubt it would work on a paddle! :wink:

Used duct tape on one paddle once and it left a nasty residue!


silicone tape

Denzo Tape
its british plumbers tape and is petroleum based. you can’t find it in hardware stores in the u.s. gro kayaks carry it. they import the valley boats from the u.k.

Vinyl Mastic
You’re looking for vinyl mastic tape and/or pads. Sometimes sold in big box home improvement stores, almost always sold in electrical shops who sell to contractors.

I prefer gaffer’s tape…
sticky as duct tape, conforms better, and doesn’t leave the copious residue.

Google the product and you’ll find numerous suppliers.


Plumber’s tape isn’t adhesive
It is wrapped around the threads of plumbing fixtures like shower heads. Makes them screw on better, and makes it easier to unscrew them when you need to, as well. Try gaffer’s tape. You can get it at a theater supply store. Gaffer tape is a tough, fabric backed adhesive tape used on movie and TV sets and theatre stages Although the tape is difficult to break by pulling, it is easily torn by hand along either axis and while its adhesive is not as strong as duct tape, it generally leaves little to no residue when removed.

Can Plumber’s tape
cure plumber’s crack?

better not need it !!!

it’s not even your boat. :wink:

denso tape?
Is that the stuff that can be used underwater? Great for temporary patches for boats where you can just slap it on while underway and fully seal the crack/hole?

Fiona Whitehead had some of this stuff and I thought it was only available in the UK.

It’s a bit#% to get off though.

plumers tape
when I worked in plumbing shop plumbers tape was what we called perforated strap.

I’ve seen the same product…
…labeled as “rigging tape” in marine supply stores.

not sure if it will work
I had some of this at work, it will only stick to itself, so I don’t think it would work very well if you had a hole in your boat. It’s also pretty expensive.

Plumbers crack
can only be fixed with plumbers crack putty !

Jimmy Kimmel or Adam Carolla can tell you where to get it !

Mastic tape
Nigel Foster. in his DVD, recommends Mastic Tape, and does indeed show how to make an emergency on-water repair by demonstration. He uses this type of tape (click enlargement, he uses the 3x3 size, it appears and it does having a backing oike this). He mentions several times that it is water tight and great for temp repair, can be removed when you get home to allow genuine permamnet repair, but should be used with care as it can be greasy and get all ove ryour hands. I have never seen it before in real life.

No, not for boat repairs
It would probably be good for holding cracked/broken paddles together and perhaps for making emergency splints, but it’s would be basically useless for patching a holed boat.