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I want to get an "Epic, Length Lock, Signature Series Reinforced Carbon Paddle" - I'm not sure which range I should get, I've no experience with paddles as the ones I've used have been "whats available" Ie. a aluminum tube with plastic at the end. I'm 6' tall and mainly use a high angle stroke, I'll be paddling a Q700. So... best guess? I'm not much in a position to try out different paddles (which is why I'm starting with a length-lock). thanks for any input!

I’d be tempted to go
with something around 215cm.

Have you got hte 700 already? If so, you can experiment with a shaft tool that’s easily made from scraps. This will help you determine your preferred shaft length which is much more pertinent than overall paddle length. Different blade styles have a tremendous effect on overall length.

Or, give Pat at Onno a call (be sure to mention the word Onno when the answering machine picks up), and chat with him about your prospects. He can detail the shaft length test for you and help you in other areas, as well.

Its worth the time and effort, especially for those of us who have a hard time testing different paddles/lengths.

Come to think of it, I ought to call him myself and order one of the damn things!

Pleasant waters to ya.


210-220 range adjsutment…
…should be fine. Doubt you’d need more than 220 or less than 210.

Ive use everything from 210 -240 euros with my 700 (but now paddle almost exclusively with Greenland paddle). Shorter is better. You should have a little more reach than I do - but I bet you’d still set a 210-220 at around midpoint at 215 and be fine. From there it will take time to decide to go more or less, and you may change you mind several times about what’s working better.

If you’ve only used metal/plastic paddles - you are in for a VERY nice surprise. That paddle will spoil you. Some things are just worth the money.

talk to patrick at onno paddles. Search for him and you’ll find his website. No one knows more and he’ll be able to help you information-wise and then he can custom build you a paddle at very reasonable prices.

I agree
I am 5’9" and with the wing paddle I set mine at 213

You should be able to get the range you want between 210 and 220, and it is good to be able to experiment until you get it just right.



when I bought my QCC400 I thought I would have to go longer than the 220 I have because the beam is 24". After talking to Patrick…he said 215 and it works out great. I am glad I discussed it with him and he took the time to really find out about how I paddled, etc. Send him an email and see when it would be a good time to call him to discuss your style of paddling and boat. The prices are hard to beat!


Be sure to mention ONNO Paddles if you leave a message.