PNW Canoe Tripper

Hi All!

    I am a canoe tripper based out of Seattle who has been tripping since I was 12. Most (all) of my experience has been in Northern Ontario, have done multiple 1100 mile trips in Northern Ontario/Hudson Bay Lowlands/Polar Bear Provincial Park, long portages, big whitewater, very capable paddler and able to solo and have done a few short solos (again in Ontario). I probably have 6000-6500 miles under my belt. I am looking for some paddling/trip partners. I prefer over-night and multiple day trips, but I am not opposed to day trips. My experience paddling in the PNW is limited to Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, but will be exploring September/October and Spring '23. 

All are welcome, happy to trip with beginners, but ideally I am looking for a more experienced paddler who is comfortable with whitewater as well as looking for people with some good off the beaten path routes. I can bush portages and campsites. Looking forward to connecting with some of you great folks! Cheers!

Try a paddling club.

Welcome to The PNW! Got back on Tuesday from a Diablo/Ross lake trip in the Northern Cascades. While not Northern Ontario, it is something to consider.