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Greetings paddlers of the PNW,

A few buddies and I made it out here from the midwest in time for a 60 year low pressure system… how neat is that?

Anyhow, we got one good day in at La Push and had skook on our radar for phase two. Once things settle down a bit, we’ve plans to paddle deception and cattle pAss, but we’re curious to know if this stout low pressure will have any effect on skookumchuck? If so, what might that look like? Higher flow? Stronger currents?

Any and all insights, are greatly appreciated.



maybe a little
Low pressure systems can make the high tides higher than normal. But Skooks already gets ripping tidal currents (up to 16 knots) that I am not sure the low would affect it in a way that would impact the period when it is surfable by kayaks (maybe moving it earlier).

I would more worry about the winds and storm that comes with it. Winds will make the face less glassy.

The wave goes off on the flood, so any rains and added flow for the ebb won’t do anything for you. But may offset the larger tides talked about above, moving the surfable time later.

I would suggest…
…posting your question to, a Canadian website with lots of folks who paddle Skook. There aren’t many here at Pnet who paddle in BC at all.

Also consider emailing your question to Sterling Kayaks. They are well connected to the Skook scene. Maybe IM Kate Hives, Costain Leonard or Marty Perry through Facebook.


When were you planning to go? This system is no joke!

Maybe Okisollo instead???

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