Pocket Canyon oil canning?

Just got back from a demo day. Tried out the L’esquif Pocket Canyon, was really looking forward to it, until I got in and ploomp, the hull pops up towards me.

wtf…I would not want to spend 1k on a boat and have it not hold its hull shape when I get in. Anyone else seen this happen?

The Royalex will get stiffer after aging
for a year. Talk to Esquif and see if they believe yours is too flexible.

What I would do, something you should do anyway for other reasons, is to put a minicell kneeling saddle/pedestal between the center thwart and the bottom of the boat. That will hold the bottom down. Let us know if you need details on how to do the pedestal.

I’ve been had an Esquif Avalon for a little over a year and haven’t had a bit of oilcanning. Solid as a rock. The Avalon is Royalite, which I would think is thinner than the Royalex on the Pocket Canyon. Don’t know if the boat you tried is the one that slipped past the QC guy or the Royalex just needs to harden a little. Anyway, my experience with Esquif has been nothing but positive.

Interesting, I’ll certainly inquire, glad this was just a demo.

I’m interested in that type of outfitting, but I still think it had ought to hold its shape, the Mad River ME I paddle now does just fine