Pocket Rocket fuel compatibility

I have an MSR Pocket Rocket stove that I use for kayaking, WW canoeing, and ski touring. This year I have found that certain (but not all) Primus Butane/Propane Mix 2202 fuel canisters have not worked with this stove. The stove does not appear to screw far enough on to the canister to open the canister valve. Since certain of these canisters work and others don’t, it seems there may be a manufacturing inconsistency problem with the Primus gas canisters. Has anyone else had this problem?

msr superfly
The msr superfly is the only one I know that claims that to fit other manufacturers canisters. There could be others that I do not know of, its been awhile sence I have looked at stoves. There is no standard, so you have to by the manufacturers fuel.



I use the MSR fuel
with my pocket rocket, after having some problems trying to use other fuel canisters last summer.

Same Here.
For reasons not fully explained by the manufacturer, it seems the Pocket Rocket only works with the MSR fuel canisters. Best to stick with what works…or if you still want to experiment with other cannisters, be prepared to call in Bill Adair to put out your flaming stove. I know…I darn near scorched an entire campsite with a malfunctioning MSR stove

GI Joe’s"

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I'm not sure if you have GI Joe's sporting goods stores where you are. They carry the exact same fuel mixture as in the MSR cannisters for about half the price under their own lable. I was directed there by an REI employee. Seems like the cannisters are made by the same manufacturer and then painted with either the MRS or GI Joe lables.

I never use MSR fuel
because LeBaron’s sells the larger-size gray Primus cannisters much cheaper (on sale, around $8 Canadian). My Pocket Rocket has always worked perfectly with the Primus fuel. I did buy some small red MSR cannisters at a significant discount at a going out of business sale last Fall, planning to carry as a backup.

Thanks for responses
Other people’s experiences seem to have been as inconsistant as our own. The message seems to be that purchasing non-MSR canaisters is a bit of a gamble and that it’s important to test individual non-MSR canisters before depending on them in a wilderness situation.

Primus/ MSR
The outdoors shop I currently work in…until taking off for a long paddling trip ;)…sells both MSR and Primus stoves but ONLY Primus fuel cannisters. Never had a single problem with any stoves from MSR using the Primus fuel.

That being said, I’m a HUGE fan of Primus stoves…I’ve never had one warranty issue or repair question relating to Primus…can’t say the same for MSR though. Most MSR stoves will work fine but I have seen enough problems that I’d not buy one myself. Just my oppinion.

Cheers…Joe O’