Poggies - Otter Paws, etc.

Anyone have a particular brand of Poggies they like. I am esp. thinking about the Otter Paw brand.


I liked DavidN’s pogies
so I bought the same pair-course they’re YELLOW and black-my favourite colours! Stohlquist is the brand. My hands were quite warm paddling this winter with those on.

Look at Snapdragon Designs’ Hot Hands and Hyper Hands pogies. I have been using a set of Hyper Hands for the past two winters and have found them to be superior to any other set of pogies.

I was considering the Snapdragon’s too. Why do you like them better than other brands?


Hyper hands
Are made of hypalon which does not pick up as much water as neoprene. Plus they hold thier shape so that they are very easy to get in and out of.

Stohlquist Yellow Jacs. Drysuit fabric with a pile lining. I’ve tried several brands of neoprene and nylon pogies – these are the warmest and best.

How about
rolling and getting the pile lining wet. It must not be a problem getting the pile wet??


They stay warm enough, but heavy
I’d try the Hyper hands. The Stohlquists stay warm enough when wet but, get heavy. I like the Stohquists for touring, but generally don’t wear them when I know I’ll be rolling.

The main reason I got them is that they were the only ones I’ve tried big enough for my hands.